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Club Rules


Appendix A:  Officers of the Club Management Committee and their role

Appendix B:  Officers of the Club – non Management Committee and their role

Appendix C:  Club Rules


Appendix A: Officers of the Club Management Committee


  • To Chair all relevant meetings of the Club
  • Able to vote at all relevant meetings of the Club
  • To have the casting vote at all relevant meetings of the Club in the event of equal votes.


  • To chair all relevant meetings of the Club in the absence of the Chairperson
  • Able to vote at all relevant meetings of the Club
  • To represent the Club on match days and other special events

Senior/Junior Vice President

  • Able to vote at all relevant meetings of the Club
  • To represent the Club on match days and other special events in the absence of the President


  • To keep a register of Club members’ contact details
  • To conduct the correspondence of the Club
  • To keep custody of all Club documents
  • To keep full minutes of all meetings of the Club, the Management Committee and Sub-Committees
  • To administer such insurance policy or policies as may be needed to fully protect the interests of the Club, its Officers and members
  • To keep a register of key holders

Assistant Secretary

  • To assist the Secretary in the execution of his duties defined above
  • In the absence of the Secretary, to undertake the duties of the Secretary at meetings


  • To collect all relevant fees from Club members
  • To make all relevant payments on behalf of the Club
  • To prepare Annual Balance Sheet for examination
  • To present Accounts for approval at the Annual General Meeting

Captains – Men’s, Ladies, Mixed

  • To chair the relevant committee in the selection of the teams
  • To ensure the teams selected are placed on the Club notice board
  • To maintain a register of all members selected for matches

Safeguarding Officer

  • To act as a point of contact for all Junior Bowlers and Vulnerable members


Appendix B: Officers of the Club – Non Management Committee

All the listed Officers below may be requested to attend a Management Committee meeting in part or in full, to report on matters appertaining to their role. They will have no voting rights at the Management Meeting.

Fixture Secretary

  • To arrange all matches and match arrangements with other clubs

Competition Secretary

  • To arrange internal competitions for Club members to participate in
  • To Chair the competition committee
  • To procure relevant prizes for the competition finalists

County and Bowls Loughborough Delegates

  • To act as a liaison between the Club and other relevant associations

Bar Manager

  • To procure, on behalf of the Club, all intoxicating liquor and soft drinks for sale behind the bar
  • To Chair the Liquor Committee and advise the Management Committee of proposed cost of sale of items
  • To be responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of the equipment behind the bar

League Captains

  • To select the teams for their relevant league/s
  • To ensure that selected teams are placed on the Club notice board
  • To maintain a record of all members who have played during the season

Entertainment & Fundraising Secretary

  • Responsible for arranging Fundraising events on behalf of the Club

Green Ranger

  • Responsible for maintenance of the equipment and surrounds of the bowling green
  • To be point of liaison with Charnwood Borough Council and their sub contractors on all aspects of the bowling green maintenance
  • To determine whether or not the bowling green is fit for play


  • To examine the Accounts and Balance Sheet

Liaison Officer

  • Responsible for liaising with HMRC and other appropriate bodies
  • Acting as Publicity Officer for the Club


Appendix C: Club Rules

Guests in the Club

  • Members shall enter the name/s of all guests in the Visitors Book. Not more than three (3) guests may be introduced in any one day and the same guest may not be introduced more than six (6) times in any calendar year.

Damage to Club property

  • A member may not knowingly remove, injure, destroy or damage any property of the Club and shall make restitution for the same if called upon to do so by the Committee or by the Secretary upon instructions of the Committee.

Exhibiting of notices

  • A member shall not cause any communication in whatever form to be exhibited on Club notice boards or premises without prior permission of the Secretary

Bar Opening Times

  • The permitted hours for the supply of intoxicating liquor will be posted on the Club notice board and the bar will be open at these hours or as such other hours as may be decided by the Committee subject to any restrictions imposed from time to time by the Licensing Authority

 Settlement of Accounts

  • A member shall settle any indebtedness for refreshments or otherwise before leaving the Club premises, or in accordance with any Byelaw relating to the settlement of such indebtedness


  • The Club may adopt such Byelaws or Regulations as it considers appropriate for the good management of the Club and its facilities


  • All suggestions for improvements to the Club or otherwise, should be signed by the member/s and sent in writing to the Secretary


  • When representing the Club, members should always bear in mind the good name of Loughborough Phoenix Bowls Club and act accordingly